Kate Great Britain & Lisa Tiffian

Kate England & Lisa Tiffian Kate United Kingdom & Lisa Tiffian
Kate UK & Lisa Tiffian @ ZebraGirls.com
Kate United Realm is pissed, and she’s about to make things right. This babe is suspected her man is cheating on her with one of her pals, Lisa Tiffian, and now this babe is about to learn the truth. That’s why she exposes up at Lisa’s as this scene kicks off. Pretty soon, she’s choking the truth without Lisa with a stupendous, darksome sex tool! Once Lisa confesses, it’s on! Kate straps on another bigger in size than average dark-skinned strapon from her arsenal, then gives it to Lisa in all 3 holes. If that’s not sufficient, Kate gets Lisa to drop to her knees in advance of some foot worship, then it is on to Kate being satisfied before that babe leaves Lisa — exhausted and laid out on the floor — swear she’ll at not time tough Kate’s guy again!
Kate UK & Lisa Tiffian Kate Britain & Lisa Tiffian

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Juliana Simms – Rub Rub Rub

Rub Rub Rub

Rub Rub Rub

Voluptuous and pleasant Juliana Simms picks a rub-down table to play on, squirting her statuesque body with white ball cream and giving herself a rubdown. This babe sways and jiggles her naturals when this babe is on the table. A half-hour of just that action would not be sufficient. It’s never sufficient with someone like Juliana Simms.

SCORELAND: Juliana, do u like to dance? We think u do.

Juliana: Yep, very much. I adore to go out with my girlfriends to our favourite clubs and dance. I love R&B music.

SCORELAND: Do u dance when you are playing music at home?

Juliana: Yep. I always dance when playing music.

SCORELAND: Are you called by any nick-names by friends?

Juliana: They call me “Juliana Bra buddies.”

SCORELAND: Do u go to exposed beaches or adult resorts?

Juliana: In Spain only.

SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do you wear?

Juliana: I love most of all bikinis.

SCORELAND: Your rub-down table movie scene rubs a chap the right way.

Juliana: My pleasure.

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Ava Devine, Rick Masters

Ava Devine is the consummate HORNY HOUSEWIFE Boss not solely cuz of her jumbo milk sacks and hot dimples but because she really knows how to get the entire job done. From engulfing dong in the jawbreaker position with the head of your dick pressed against the inside of her cheek to tearing up and drizzling her eye makeup all over her glamorous face as this babe tries to hold back a flood of saliva with your 10-Pounder ramming her mouth. Don’t be timid about asking her for a raise ‘coz when it comes to pecker nobody can give yours a raise more amazing than Ava!

Amira Jones – Needs a Real Man

Needs a Real Fellow

Needs a Real Man

Amira Jones is a whole lotta lady with a entire lotta ass. She has the kind of ass that will clap on your jock while you hit her doggy style. It is the kind of gazoo that gives just the right amount of cushion for serious screwing. This is not an wazoo for the weak or the stupid ‘cuz if you cannot break Ms. Jones off, she will send u walking. “I need some fantastic rogering. I’m talking about the real deal. I can’t stand males who talk all sorts of shit about how they are going to tear me up and then, when push comes to shove, they are just two-minute brothers. View my butt, baby…does it look like 2 minutes is intend to cut it? I do not think so. If u desire to work me over and rock my world, you better be prepared to bonk me for a while. I do not do quickies. I acquire to acquire the full-body treatment. I’ve got plenty of curves that need servicing so acquire it and get it worthwhile.”

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Alexa Benson – Missy and Alexa Take on a Cock

Missy and Alexa Take on a Schlong

Missy and Alexa Take on a Cock

Do u like banging cuties or bucks more awesome, Missy?

“I love boyz more breathtaking for, love, all the time. But for every once in a during the time that, I like angels. They kiss more nice and eat snatch more priceless. Girls make me cum harder.”

Do you love anal?

“I’ll try anything one time if it feels valuable. I love it when guys take up with the tongue my arse, so a hard dick in there sounds hot!”

Was this the first three-some you’ve ever done, Alexa?

“I’d by no means even been with a vixen previous to. Kissing Missy and her hands all over my body was rogering sexy! I loved it. And I got into it, also. I ate Missy out and was finger-fucking her so hard that that babe came on my tongue. It tasted just adore my fingers do when I take up with the tongue them after I finger myself. I just kept licking with tongue all her hotty cream up.”

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Delia Dukes – My, my, my Deliah!

My, my, my Deliah!

My, my, my Deliah!

“I’ve always been a conservative, behind-the-doors person,” said Deliah Dukes, who makes her 40SomethingMag.com launch by engulfing and screwing porn meat-thermometer behind our studio doors. Hey, that counts, doesn’t it?

Deliah (it is pronounced Delilah; the second “L” is mysteriously missing) isn’t a swinger. That babe isn’t a nudist. She’s not at all been a exotic dancer. At not time even thought about it. She’s 41 years old, and until recently, doing porn was the furthest thing from her mind. That babe did not even look at porn. This babe worked her day job in telecommunications. That babe was a wife and Mother of 2. The most-fun job she’d ever had was “being a Mama.”

And now that babe is here. How did that babe end up here? Inspect her interview on Wednesday, but let’s just say that here’s another sample of magical things happening to a beauty when she turns 40.

Deliah was born in New Jersey, moved to Florida, lived there for a long-time and is now back in Jersey. She’s not a Jersey Shore sort of Jersey beauty. That babe is more love a Bruce Springsteen Jersey goddess. She enjoys romantic dinners. That babe doesn’t dress to show off her body.

But doing this has already changed her.

“I used to expect, but now I kick off sex,” Deliah told. “Thank you, porn life!”

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Cammille Austin – Cammille chained

Cammille manacled

Cammille chained

Cammille Austin is a 58-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother, so what’s this babe doing at 50PlusMILFs.com with diminutive chains attached to her pierced nipples and pierced fur pie?

Hey, what’s that babe doing at 50PlusMILFs.com getting banged by big dark-skinned jocks and ass-fucked by boys juvenile enough to be her sons?

Well, she’s enjoying herself, for one. And although this is a solo scene, it’s beautiful damn hawt. Cammille tugs on the chains and her nipples acquire inflexible. This babe tugs on the chains and her clitoris receives bigger. She fingers her pink twat truly unfathomable, getting several fingers inside.

No surprise. This is a female who had group action on her wedding night. Her second wedding night, that is. And after she was done getting gangbanged, this babe let her hubby have very sloppy seconds.

There is a very valuable chance that as you are watching this, Cammille is back home in Arkansas watching it with her boyfriend and sucking his knob.

Unless, of course, this babe is having some other gang group action.

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Rachel Raxxx – Big Bouncin’ Bonin’

Large Bouncin’ Bonin’

Big Bouncin' Bonin'

Rachel Raxxx is solely 18 years old and that’s cause for celebration for a bunch of reasons. First and best is Rachel’s becoming a SCORE Angel. She’s a total knockout with sensational natural mambos. The second is her getting it on for the SCORE cameras. Girls like Rachel don’t come along daily of the week and we have got over Twenty years of showcasing big-bust cuties to back up this statement.

JMac knocks on Rachel’s front door looking for her dad. Rachel answers the door in a nightie that’s falling off her 30 double-J mounds and high heels. Dad’s not home and that gives JMac a reason to celebrate. Enchanting, young thing that she’s, Rachel takes him by the hand and brings him to a sofa. She craves some enjoyment and JMac is eager to give her all this babe needs. It doesn’t take lengthy previous to he’s got his meat-thermometer inside Rachel!

“Sometimes you can put them in their face,” told Rachel about the things that babe can do to a dude with her enormous mounds. “A lot of times I don’t have to do everything. They just go for ’em. Grab on them or engulf on ’em. I can wrap them around their schlong and jack ’em off with them. You can do a lot with big boobies. Scones are fun. I like having ’em.”

And we’re feeling blessed that Rachel came to SCORELAND to play. She has a double mag launch that doesn’t happen often, November ’16 Voluptuous and December ’16 SCORE.

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Sally D’Angelo – Paint Sally’s tongue

Paint Sally’s tongue

Paint Sally's tongue

Sally D’Angelo is stripped modeling for her chap, who’s an artist. A real artist, although who can tell? Sally is glamour modeling nude, and this chab finally gives a decision to put down his brush to play with her 61-year-old cum-hole.

“That feels so precious,” Sally says, moaning uncontrollably. This is a woman who cums a lot. This babe likewise sucks tons of rod, including Jax’s big darksome one, and gags herself on it. No dry blow jobs from Sally. She receives it priceless and damp, not coz it needs to be wet for her fur pie. Her vagina is always well-lubed. Sally gives sloppy BJs ‘cuz she enjoys giving them.

Besides, Jax copulates her rock hard, and Sally’s funbags wobble, and she acquires her long, shapely legs all the way back so we have a nice watch of the fun. Lastly, at Sally’s urging, Jax cums in her face hole. The cum leaks down her tongue and onto her large billibongs. Sally sticks out her tongue so we can see the cum. Then she eats it.

Sally D’Angelo. Mama. Granny. Wife. Recruiter of models. She does it all. We’re guessing that the merely thing that babe is bad at is being a neighbor because her shag noises probably keep everybody on the block up all night. But we’re guessing there’re fringe benefits to being Sally’s neighbor, likewise.

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Lexy Lotus – Toned Tinkler

Toned Tinkler

Toned Tinkler

Have you ever peed where u weren’t supposed to?
“All the time! In fact, I like peeing in places other than a baths. I adore to pop a squat out side. It feels so natural. One time I peed in a stairwell. And peeing in the garage was fun!” Watch it for yourself in the DVD L’il Pissers.

What’s the thrill u acquire from peeing in weird places?
“I like the freedom of it. The naughtiness of it. The possibility of anybody seeing me. I am a little bit of a rebel at heart, so sometimes I adore to do things that are taboo or forbidden. Plus, it is more convenient to drop your straps and go when you need to. Lads have way more freedom with that, why shouldn’t gals have it also?”

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