XL Girls SP 146: 50 Photos of Ana Anderson

XL Gals SP 146: 50 Fotos of Ana Anderson

When breast-men think about big boobed hotties, whether the mounds are real or cosmetic, there’s one #1 visual dream in our minds. It’s not the nurse, the hooker or the delivery-girl although these are in the top ten. It is coming home after a brutal day at work and finding a hot bra-buster (like Ana her, for example) taking care of the pad and prepared to take care of her daddy-man. One step beyond that would be Ana calling a ally over so the 2 of ’em can suck your balls dry. “Having sex with a lady and a buck is one of my dreams. I would screw her with a strap-on while u bonk me doggy style!” says Ana. “Sound wonderful? Make sure you spank me…but gently!”


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Hose Beast: 70 Photos of Mya

Pantyhose Beast: 70 Photos of Mya

Worthy day to you my lovely leg and toe worshippers. Feast your eyes on this full and ripe looker who looks like forbidden fruit rather than the dainty gardener that babe would lead u to make no doubt of this babe is. Mya was truly coy about showing her gams to you, so acquire on your knees and pay homage to her, you dogs! It’s merely a matter of time previous to this luscious headmistress comes into her own. Until then, you cum for her.


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The Casting Couch: 13:32 Minute Video of Sabrina James

The Casting Couch: 13:32 Minute Clip of Sabrina BRUCE

Sabrina is 21. She’s from Oklahoma. This babe is now living in Florida. This babe looks very amorous, especially with a titanic, blue sextoy probing her holes. Pussy and rectal hole. This beauty clearly can’t live without to fill her cookie and wazoo with things, and if this episode doesn’t receive you off, nothing will. Give up. You’re despairing.


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Video Virgin: 13:25 Minute Video of Tiffany Summers

Episode Virgin: 13:25 Minute Video of Tiffany Summers

The final time we saw Tiffany, that babe was giving us a masturbation brandish with two dildos she stole from her sister’s room. Now’s she’s back and telling us all about her love of fuckfests, being an exhibitionist and how this babe can’t live without large knobs. In fact, her love of large knobs is so serious that our workers got her the biggest sex tool they could discover so that babe could satisfy herself for your viewing enjoyment. Watch as the tanned and toned Tiffany copulates herself and groans like a madwoman so she can prove she has what it takes to be in the biz.


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Heather Lane: 12:48 Minute Video of Heather Lane

Heather Lane: 12:48 Minute Episode of Heather Lane

“I love watching a buck masturbate,” says HORNY HOUSEWIFE Heather. “I want you to put your hand around it and wank your rod all the way to the top. Do it slow at 1st. Let me watch that cock-head starting to turn purple. Wank it all the way up and down, up and down. I desire you to lift your legs, then faster and faster. Then I urge you to do it real fast, and just before u cum, I desire u to hold your ramrod real still, and I wanna watch the cum squirt out. That’s how I adore it.”


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Naughty Neighbors Holiday 2006: 20 Photos of Aaralyn Barro

Wicked Neighbors Holiday 2006: 20 Fotos of Aaralyn Barro

“I share a abode with 3 other cuties,” told Aaralyn. “I alway need specie. One of them suggested posing for NN and after I saw one, I thought it would be a wonderful way to earn a check.”


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Voluptuous June 2007: 40 Photos of Bozena

Voluptuous June 2007: Fourty Fotos of Bozena

Including numerous photo sessions with other cuties, this is Bozena’s 18th photo shoot since 2004! That is lots of photos–but no one has complained to date. The Czech name Bozena means “Blessed One,” and Bozena is of course blessed with a enormous couple of suckerific, mouthwatering scones. She’s a meaty, big-boned beauty who can take, and expects, a wonderful pounding from her men. “Most of the time, I am covered when I go outside in Prague,” Bozena said. “If I wear hot blouses, then the bucks make many comments and come over to me. They try to acquire me to meet ’em later. If I walk down the street, they make loud remarks. Merely when making pictures do I costume hawt.” Even if Bozena wore a potato sack, this babe would still draw a flock of dudes.


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Voluptuous June 2007: 40 Photos of Sapphire

Voluptuous June 2007: 40 Pictures of Sapphire

V-Mag: Your bazookas are so large that when it comes to titty fucking, there aren’t many boys with a large enough ding-dong to deal with them, are there?
Sapphire: That’s not a problem with the boyz I date. They usually do a charming priceless job of filling up the space!
V-Mag: But they can acquire lost in there?
Sapphire: Well, yep.
V-Mag: Have you ever been with a boy whose wang was large enough so that it was skillful to go in one end of your cleavage and come out the other?
Sapphire: Yep, not almost all males, but there was one boy who was the exception to the rule.
V-Mag: How big was he?
Sapphire: Oh, gosh, I don’t know. Quite large. King-size!


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Voluptuous Theater: 25:24 Minute Video of Sapphire

Voluptuous Theater: 25:24 Minute Movie scene of Sapphire

So part 2 of this Sapphire interview (June ’07 V-Mag) merely took four years to complete. We have waited longer for other adult models. It was a work in progress, like Sapphire is a lady work of art in progress. Back in 2003, no one thought Sapphire would come back with additional boobage and extra curves. (Sometimes models don’t come back at all. They stop modeling. They meet some anal opening spouse. And other reasons.) And winning the contest to elect Plumper of the Year? “Well, I suppose it flaunts that real fellows out there do not care so much for the sort of lady everybody is told they should like,” Sapphire astutely observes. “You know, the anorexic sort. I’m a real beauty with real, large bumpers who lives a real life. I’m grateful for the boys out there who are turned on by a full-figured woman. I guess majority studs feel that way, if they were honest with themselves. I think it [her decision to try XXX] may have gotten some more attention for me, so yes, it may have gotten me a not many bigger in size quantity votes. I know almost any chaps like to see hardcore scenes so that’s another reason I wanted to give it a try. Not to win an reward, that was a total surprise, but just to please my fans even greater quantity than I was previous to.” Click for part one. Trickling TIme: 25:24


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Voluptuous Theater: 21:02 Minute Video of Sapphire

Voluptuous Theater: 21:02 Minute Video of Sapphire

Sapphire is unequalled. She had an outstanding rack the first time that babe visited in 2003. This episode interview was made during her 1st travel. Four years later, Sapphire had put on weight, much of it plan to her knockers and leading to her winning Voluptuous mag’s Plumper of the Year award for 2006. Receive inside for the 2nd movie scene interview of the “new” Sapphire, conducted by the same editor. Her body and billibongs changed but Sapphire’s personality remains lovely and precious. Leaking Time: 21:02 (a Sapphire episode follows immediately)


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