18eighteen April 2008: 72 Photos of Monika Dupree

18eighteen April 2008: 72 Fotos of Monika Dupree

Hi, Monika. U were a cherry in the Jan. ’08 issue. Did u lose it yet or what?

“Yeah! I lost it to one of the soccer coaches at my school. I’d tutor his athletes all the time and he’d always make jokes about how he was gonna tutor me in some sex education. So, one day after practice, I waited until all the lads left and then I asked him if this chab could coach me in the Health Exotic dancing club showers. He was shocked, but he completely fucked me!”

Wow, so you’re rogering a teacher at your school?

“I do not go to his school anymore ’cause that Lothario thought it was going to be too risky. I transferred to a fresh school and now we see each other on the weekends. We live about an sixty minutes away from one another, so I do indeed perverted exposes on my webcam for him each night so this chab can jerk his strapon!”

What kind of kinky shows do u do for him?

“Well, this chab truly likes it when I suit up for him. I like it, likewise. That stud sends me all sorts of kinky costumes to wear. I have a Little Red Riding Hood one, and a hot fairy one, also. I acquire a fresh suit nearly weekly. I dress up and then I dance around for him. That smooth operator can’t live with out it when I spank my wazoo and widen my buttocks really far apart and then rub my finger on my petite backdoor. Or sometimes, I will just rip my suit off my body really savagely and just spread my slit lips and spit all over my fingers or my toy and just shag myself really unbending until I am running with cum. I try and be quiet so my Mama won’t hear but it’s truly rock hard!”

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40something (Score Special 162): 78 Photos of Demi Dalia

40something (Score Peculiar 162): 78 Pix of Demi Dalia

“Something like this indeed happened to me in real life,” told hard-bodied Demi, who does her personal coach in the DVD “I Fucked Your Wife…Again!” “I was working out at my Health Club, and it was late at night, so there weren’t a lot of people there. I was on the bench press machine, and one of the trainers came over and asked if me if I needed help. I took one see the bulge in his trousers and decided that the superlatively valuable way that stud could aid me was by banging my brains out. I brushed my head against his crotch and could tell this buck was subrigid.”

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Brianna Costello: 16:08 Minute Video of Brianna Costello

Brianna Costello: 16:08 Minute Movie scene of Brianna Costello

“My pussy is indeed tight,” Brianna Costello says in an interview. (It’s posted on SCOREVideos.) “It’ll grip your ding-dong and squeeze the cum out of it. U receive to view it with me or you’ll cum too quickly, and that’s at no time worthwhile. And my cum-hole is multi-orgasmic. It cums and cums a continuous amount of times. I do not just cum one time. I cum from screwing, I cum from getting my slit eating, I even cum from the bidet water going up my pussy, which is a lot of fun. I just like to squirt it up there and feel the water. I might be the merely hotty I know who’s ever cum from sitting on a bidet. I cum in a lot of other ways, also. I’m very sexual. I desire to do it all the time.”

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SCORE March 2008: 80 Photos of Tera Cox

SCORE March 2008: 80 Pix of Tera Cox

If Tera had done nothing larger quantity than brandish her astounding body, Thirty six F cups and enchanting pussy, that would have been enough. But seeing her boffing is so sweet and hawt a sight, we couldn’t at all take it for granted, ever. “I’m open-minded and I have always been open to fresh experiences,” Tera says. “Now I can say to myself that I’ve done it. Sexy is not necessarily how u look. From all the mail I’ve read about me, I am pleased everybody thinks I come off hot in my pictures and episodes. I mean, we’re adult models. We wanna look great. On the Net u watch plenty of very non-professional looking images. No make-up, poses that make girls look corpulent or sloppy, insulting language. All of the beauties I’ve been with at SCORE (Gianna, Panther, Sabina and April) are truly great and I loved being with ’em. Gianna and Panther have done a lot but Sabina, April and I were fresh at this so it was a learning experience for us. I’m concerned to read letters about this new layout. I actually gave my all when we did it!”

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Plumper: 70 Photos of Gia Johnson

Plumper: 70 Images of Gia Johnson

Gia Johnson is juvenile, fresh and hot. In the opening photo, this babe admires herself in a handheld mirror. That babe has each right to admire her dish and rounded breast valley. Gia can’t live without it when boys compliment her body. This babe doesn’t think it’s improper, like tons of stuck-up bitches who costume hot to attract attention and then acquire batty when you praise them. Some of the comments XLGirls.com has received about Gia include: “I’d do her in a second.” ” One of the almost any awesome newcomers of the year so far. I’m sure others agree with me.” “I’ll wager she could keep you rock hard all night.” “Let’s watch larger quantity of Gia…with a schlong in her.”

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NEWCUMMERS (Score Special 163): 70 Photos of China

NEWCUMMERS (Score Peculiar 163): 70 Pictures of China

“I had to talk long and hard to get my husband to agree to take these fotos,” said China. “He did not crave to have me showing myself to the world. I kept on at him for weeks about posing untill he lastly gave in. One time we got going, this chab indeed got into it and was like a porno director, telling me how to pose and what to do. That dude had shorts and a T-shirt on, so I made him disrobe off so I could see the effect I was having on his ramrod. It got stiff right away, so I knew I was doing all the right things to look real hawt.”

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Creamed Feet – Victoria


Meet Victoria Valentino. Victoria is the latest honey to be featured at Creamed Feet, the hardcore foot fetish web resource. Her and her lady-killer are having a little enjoyment in the kitchen this evening. This stud has a serious foot fetish, and she is definitely looking forward to pleasuring his cravings. Click on the photo above to see the sample movies of Victoria and her hot feet in action.

When Victoria’s stud comes home, he finds her envisaging in the kitchen wearing sexy lingerie and exotic looking red heels. That woman chaser knows it is going to be a pleasure evening. She’s enjoy a chocolate sundae and when a little trickle on to her foot, that babe let’s him take up with the tongue it off. She can’t live with out that so much that she sprays her feet and leg with whip spunk. Licking her feet is getting him subrigid and Victoria knows exactly what to do next. That babe uses her feet to work his rod and give him an unforgettable footjob. She too sucks his 10-Pounder, then this woman chaser pounds her vagina with his rock hard erection. However, this babe finishes him off using her feet and making a very immodest footjob!

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Busty Lesbian Kittens

I love a honey bunny with mountainous scones, but what’s better than one big busted hotty? How about two very nasty big breasted angels. Meet Milly and Veronika, 2 very big busted lesbian girlfriends who love to display off for the digital camera.

It’s safe to say this wicked couple are exhibitionists. Here we have them lap dancing with out their attractive garments and showing off their big, full figure love bubbles. But they’re not just posing, they’re pretty soon so into the heat of the pont of time that they start to rub each others noogies. My favourite part is when they grope their bodies together, pushing their titties against each other. That might easily be one of the hottest things I have seen all week!

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Mother Daughter Fuck – Daughter And Her Boyfriend


My daughter brought home her new hubby the other afternoon. They were supposed to be studying but when I checked in on them they definitely weren’t doing any studying. I was not mad, I just wanted to join in. Jake quickly became one bigger quantity addition to Mamma Daughter Screw. Mamma Daughter Screw is where u can watch all the movies of my daughter and I sharing bucks, lovers and cocks. Almost all of them can’t make almost certainly of they need to copulate the daughter and her hot Mother. Jake wasn one of those boyz.

U should’ve seen Jake’s expression when I came into the room and started taking off my clothing. My excited daughter already been engulfing his rod. I got on my knees and took over for her, giving him a oral-sex. That dude had a pretty precious cock and I basically begged him to copulate me. This lady-killer buried his meat-thermometer into my cunt 1st, but that man likewise rogered my daughter’s cookie likewise. Before it was over, that woman chaser was shooting a massive glob of cum all over one as well as the other of us.

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