Marley Matthews – Car Wash Cunny

Car Wash Cunny

Car Wash Cunny

Marley makes the most money washing cars with out all the cuties in her sorority.
“My sorority does different things to raise money for charities and specific events that we wanna participate in, and sometimes we’ll do a car wash. I know it appears to be silly, but a ton of boys display up to the car wash! It’s one of our most valuable fundraisers, and the gals and I’ve a little likewise much pleasure doing it.”

U suit like a slut during the car wash, do not you?
“Duh! We all do! How do you think we make so much money? And I mean, it is a car wash. You have gotta be in a bikini. Personally I suppose I pull in the almost all lads ‘cuz I’m the almost all out-going, and well, I suppose I’m kinda cute, likewise. I know how to ham it up for the dudes. I stick my gazoo out whilst I am scrubbing the car. I’ll wear a white t-shirt with no bra below, and cover it with suds. Lots of the time I’ll watch the males trying to hide their hard-ons. It just makes me feel admirable to know they’re getting their money’s worth.”

Have you ever screwed a dude at the car wash?
“Yeah, one time. This truly cute, juvenile fellow drove up, and we ended up banging in his back seat. After I waxed his car this man waxed this booty! The angels all tanalized me, calling me a whore after that. I loved it!”

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Mia Khalifa – Graduating Summa Cum Loud

Graduating Summa Cum Loud

Graduating Summa Cum Loud

Formerly known as Mia Callista, Mia Khalifa dressed up as a college coed for this second hardcore scene, a mighty popular look whether in a photo studio, a strip club stage or someone’s bedroom. It suits Mia just priceless. She’s got the look. The glasses add a priceless, accademically touch too. (Mia needs them, for real.) Adore her very first XXX experience with Carlos Rios, this is a concupiscent collision.

In a few months, SCORE discovery Mia Khalifa, has gone from toiling at a burger joint for low wages to the humongous porn star on the planet. If the editor of SCORE hadn’t seen her without her shitty uniform, that ladies man would have not ever pitched his fellow-perv colleagues about approaching Mia to adult model. So what was Mia wearing in the parking lot that day that attracted this perv?

“I was wearing a very constricted top that was backless and very thin and form-fitting and a high-waisted petticoat that was likewise very form-fitting and came down not quite love a schoolgirl skirt and dark pumps.”

SCORE: What’s the maddest thing you’ve ever done sexually?

MIA: Probably banging a history teacher.

SCORE: You screwed your history teacher?

MIA: Yes, in the classroom and somewhere else.

SCORE: When you fucked him in the classroom, was school going on?

MIA: School was going on. And there were people in the hallways. It was lunch time.

SCORE: How did this happen?

MIA: It took a lengthy time to tempt him and convince him that it should happen. I would take vids of myself at home and take them over to his desk whilst class was going on and say, “Oh, observe my weekend travel to New York,” and obviously have it on mute.

SCORE: And you were stripped.

MIA: Yeah and playing with myself. Or I would sit in his class in a skirt and not wear any underwear. And then one day that chap asked me to come back during lunch. And I came to his classroom, and this lady-killer put the curtains on the window on his door down and locked the room and closed the blinds and took me in a corner as far away from the windows as possible. That chap told me to acquire on my knees, and I started sucking his wang, then this charmer bent me over and fucked me and came in my face hole.

SCORE: Are u a swallower?

MIA: Yep.

SCORE: That was sexy?

MIA: Definitely. I went to my next class with cum on my breath!

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Lillith Adams – Hula-Hoop Hussy

Hula-Hoop Hussy

Hula-Hoop Hussy

Lillith is an astonishing hula-hooper. She even participates in carnivals where that babe lights the hoops on fire! We asked her to give us a little expose and to educate our fellow Juan how to spin the hula love this babe does. Here’s what we detected out: Juan sucks at hula-hooping. U know what he’s valuable at, though? Screwing girls’ faces and cunts with his larger than run of the mill penis and making ’em entreat for cum.

When Juan couldn’t make that toy work, this lady-killer decided to make Lillith, the 19-year-old looker from Recent Albany, Indiana, into his copulate toy. This stud puts her on her back and shags her face! Then this smooth operator gets her doggie-style and makes her implore for his cum.

This fellow is a gent of singular talents, but that’s ok.

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Hottie Alli Rae disrobes then rubs her luscious cookie
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Stacy Love – Staying In

Staying In

Staying In

It’s Friday, the commence of the weekend, so almost all boyz are thinking about heading out to soever exotic dancing club or party is allegedly jumpin’ to initiate their weekend. Clearly, those boyz do not have a girl adore Stacy Love chillin’ in their bedrooms. Because if they did, they’d urge to stay in for the night. And sleep in the next morning, also. Stacy’s feeling extra-horny right now and she wishes some attention.

“I crave u to play with my a-hole,” this babe says with her cheeks pushing out of her jeans.

The club may be jumpin’ right now, but not as much as the bulge in our trousers did when Stacy told that in her cute and sensuous voice. Our boy Tony is just the lady-killer for this job. That dude begins with a little a-hole worship before these two really begin to relish their hawt night in. Tony bangs this bad, chocolate-skinned slut every which way before spraying his hawt load all over her ass cheeks.

When you have got a playgirl adore Stacy, you stay in each night.

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Amanda Verhooks – Verhooked on anal

Verhooked on anal

Verhooked on anal

Hard-bodied, dirty-talking blonde Amanda Verhooks is back for more wang, and this time, she’s plan to take it up the ass. Amanda isn’t a large lady. That babe is 5’4″, 124 pounds, and this babe doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her body. You’d think Rocky could split her booty in half with his rod. But Amanda takes every inch.

“Drill your little doxy in the butt,” Amanda says. “Make her fuckin’ take it.”

“Fuck that nasty booty.”

“Fill that gazoo,” this babe says while Rocky is poised above her and drilling her backdoor doggystyle.

Amanda is 49 years aged. She’s from Michigan. She was referred to us by 60PlusMILF Sally D’Angelo. Thank u, Sally.

“I like anal sex,” Amanda told. “It makes me feel naughty.”

This babe is nasty. She’s a wicked swinger and nudist who’s into group action and fantasizes about gang bangs. She is into cuties. Her wildest sexual experience involved a beauty.

“She rogered my gazoo with a strap-on, pulled my hair and gagged me with the strap-on that had just been in my butt.”

Sounds like a scene.

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Suzumi Wilder – Back in Black 2

Back in Darksome TWO

Back in Dark-skinned 2

Suzumi is the name of a illustrious lady Japanese manga artist. Suzumi in Japanese likewise means to achieve a feeling of coolness. And Suzumi Wilder is a cotton-candy golden-haired who appears like a walking, talking, life-sized doll and positions at XL Girls.

Suzumi has a hawt body and a alluring face. She carries her name on her chest above her left breast which is helpful for men with a bad memory for names but a precious memory for bumpers.

A high school hotty studying art and biology, Suzumi too learned more about human biology (and art also ) by modeling at XL Girls. She’d wanted to try it for a while but was also coyness. Then Suzumi went ahead and applied in May of 2014. Everybody wanted her to shoot. They’ve been around the XL block several times.

“I’m addicted to porn and masturbating,” said Suzumi. Gee, what a coincidence! So are we! Suzumi is a cutie who loves a unyielding charmer up her a-hole. That babe is talked about trying a DOUBLE PENETRATION one day. If the World of Warcraft gamers Suzumi plays online had any idea what that babe bears a resemblance to and how open her holes are in her pictures and vids, they would drop their joysticks and choke their chickens. Game over.

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Cassie Cougar – MILF of the Month

MILF of the Month

MILF of the Month

“I’m a cam model, but that is just me and my toys,” huge-titted Cassie Cougar said. “I did an dilettante movie with a hubby, but the digi camera was on a tripod. I’ve by no means done anything adore this.”

“This” being a real hardcore scene with a younger cox-man. Rocky is 48-year-old Cassie’s first and 20 years younger than she’s.

“I’ve had sex with much-younger guys 3 times,” the brunette hair divorcee and M.I.L.F. explained. “Twenty-six years younger, to be exact. One was a bartender at my beloved hangout spot. One was a buck who was brave sufficient to take a discharged at me considering I was twice his age. The 3rd one picked me up in Atlantic Town after hours of trying to work his magic on me. I lastly gave in and I am so glad I did. This ladies man rocked my world.”

Cassie met Alyssa Lynn when this babe was at SCORE. A video and pics of their drooping out, exchanging some life stories and comparing their greater than typical melons is in “Here Come The Twins.”

Rocky strips Cassie and checks out her body. Stripped naked, Cassie lays on her abdomen, heels in the air. Rocky’s pecker approaches her mouth and Cassie takes it in her hand. That babe can get most of the shaft in her mouth. Rocky holds the back of Cassie’s head as her mouth and tongue work his meat-thermometer, now trickling with Cassie’s saliva. That babe has to come up for air.

Still holding her head, Rocky screws Cassie’s mouth. Cassie lays on her back so Rocky can shag her large bumpers. This babe bends her head forward and her face hole catches the head of his knob as it emerges from her deep cleavage. They switch to a 69 and give every other the right kind of lip service.

Rocky gets on his back and Cassie lowers herself on his pole. That babe gasps when each inch enters her cougar trap. One time in, Rocky ramps up the thrusts, his nuts slapping against Cassie’s ass. Then Cassie talks over, pumping her gazoo up and down and sliding back and forth. She turns around so we can watch her bigger than standard clitoris and her pink flaps spread, her vagina permeated by large knob. Cassie’s face tells the story. It hurts so priceless.

“I’m not a swinger,” Cassie told. “My friends and family know I’m kind of an exhibitionist but I still think they’re plan to be shocked that I really did this.”

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Ciara – Dreams cum true in Ciara Blue

Fantasies cum true in Ciara Blue

Dreams cum true in Ciara Blue

One of the fine things about being the editor of is the opportunity it presents to change people’s lives. How many times in your life do u really acquire the chance to make an impact on some other person, to assist them do something they’ve always dreamed of doing or to assist ’em identify the other person inside of ’em…the person just awaiting to receive out?

“I used to be a everyday soccer Mother, but I wanted to try smth fresh,” said Ciara, a 54-year-old wife and Mom from Florida who, in this scene, is plan to get a semen pie. “Shooting with u dudes the 1st time is what indeed got the ball rolling as far as my fresh life is concerned. I have always been a very sexual person. Even when I was married, I had a great sex life, rogering twice a day. But now that I’m unattached, I must enjoy things that I never was professional to in advance of. I can have sex in front of a camera–and off it–with all kinds of alluring men and vixens. I have had the joy of having group action in a sexy tub in Jamaica. I’ve gone hole-to-hole on a golf course, if u know what I mean. I really had a sexual awaking at 50. It was adore being reborn!”

We’re cheerful we could assist, Ciara. Now go engulf and shag that 10-Pounder!

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Alexis Brill added to

Alexis Brill

Added on: 01/27/2015
Age: Twenty one
Height: 5’8
Figure: 32A-23-34
Location: Hungary

Sample Pics/Vids of Alexis Brill
Description: Tall and slim Alexis Brill is an absolute dream come true! She has silky smooth skin and a perky arse that could make your eyes water. This sexually excited hotty exudes confidence and this babe stuffs her fingers unfathomable into her shaved fur pie for body shaking orgasms.

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