Mom with hairy pussy breaks her XXX cherry

Mother with curly snatch breaks her XXX cherry

Mom with curly love tunnel breaks her XXX cherry

Kelly Scott is a 54-year-old Mom and grandmother who has lived in tons of places, and now her travels have taken her to Miami, Florida for her first porn scene.

“I always wanted to try porn,” Kelly told. “I always wanted to be one of those beauties. I though it would be pleasure. I wanted to see what it’s adore. I like different experiences.”

Kelly is different. She’s had tons of different experiences.

“I was born in Hawaii, then I moved to Arizona, and then to L.A. and then to Seattle and Fairbanks, Alaska, back to Arizona, Nashville, then I raised my kids in Arizona, then from Arizona to outdoors of Yellowstone Park and then Jackson Aperture Wyoming, then Portland, then to Anchorage, down to Austin and now Miami.”

That babe is been a bartender…a hot bartender. She’s had sex on the hood of a car at night after closing time. There were security cameras all over. That babe liked that. That might have been her first clue that she’d enjoy rogering on-camera.

And guess what? We buried the lead, as they say in the newspaper business.

Kelly has one of the hairiest cunts we’ve ever watched. A full growth.

“Most vixens are so hairless, people don’t realize that honeys have hair down there. When I was growing up, nobody was hairless. People urge something that’s different. Furthermore, I do not urge to look like a little kid.”

When this babe goes to the beach, her love tunnel hair overflows her swimsuit.

“Guys look. If they’re truly youthful, I might tanalize ’em a little bit.”

There is no teasing in this scene. Kelly sucks strapon and shags it on-camera for the first time. She widens her mouth for cum. This babe has a hawt little body with perky boobies, and although this babe looks younger than her age, you’re just plan to must believe us when we say that she’s Fifty four. Kelly says that babe is Fifty four, and no lady lies about her age on the older side.

Kelly’s a winner.

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French Fanny

French Fanny

French Fanny

Occupation: Waitress; Age: 19; Born: November 24; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 113 pounds; Bras: 36D; Panties: Victoria’s Secret; Anal: Tongueing only; BJs: Drink; Masturbate: Frequently; Lives: Lyons, France.

“I like pornography,” Izabella informed us via email. “I love magazines the almost any coz they are more tactile than the Internet. I can flip throughout the pages and run my fingers over the pics whilst I masturbate. I have always wanted to be in a mag.

“I am courting the female who shot those pics. When I told her that I wanted to be in a smut magazine, this babe insisted that she discharge the pix. I guess that babe did a great job.”

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The Case of the Topheavy Tomato

The Case of the Topheavy Tomato

The Case of the Topheavy Tomato

Maggie Green goes back in time to become a intimate eye’s secretary–the kind that acquires u into a taut squeeze. A tomato love this gives u the eye, u go for it.

“I wear much smaller bras when I am doing photo shoots to make ’em pop out more, but either an F or a G. It kind of fluctuates. I used to think I was a 36-something, and then one of my precious allies who’s likewise a glamour model, convinced me to get a admirable beneath garment fitting at Nordstrom’s, and lo and behold, I was a Thirty four instead of a 36 and a greater cup size than I thought. And it is a gigantic difference. It makes my bras fit more amazing. Now I’m in proper-fitting bras.”

Maggie receives a workout in her sex scenes and that babe doesn’t prevent at that.

“I do lots of cardio. I am a big fan of Zumba. I’m going to acquire my Zumba instructors license. And I am a larger than standard fan of spinning and I do Body Pump. I am also intend to be a Body Pump instructor. Body Pump is an hour-long class. It is all weights, and it’s high-repetition, low-weights, so you do squats for love five-to-seven minutes without a break. It’s a indeed wonderful workout. I enjoy it.”

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Our first-ever all-naked interview!

Our first-ever all-naked interview!

Our first-ever all-naked interview!

Here’s a 1st at In fact, it is a 1st for any SCORE Group website. Kelly Scott, a 54-year-old SEXY HOUSEWIFE and GILF from all over the place, gets interviewed whilst totally stripped. From start-to-finish, she’s not wearing a thing.

Other than her heels.

And her bushy muff.

Her very hairy snatch.

It is one of several things this marvelous, personable woman-next-door talks about in this wide-ranging interview.

That babe likewise talks about her travels. As we have said, she’s lived in plenty of places.

This babe talks about what it’s love to have sex in Alaska in the dead of winter (and the dangers of bears and moose).

She talks about how this babe ended up at

“I answered a casting call throughout CraigsList,” that babe said. “It told, ‘If you’re 60 and still have it,’ and I thought, ‘Maybe they have room for a Fifty.'”

And we did.

“I remember asking [our glamour model recruiter], ‘Do u want me to shave?’ and that babe said, ‘No, don’t do that!'”

No, Kelly. Don’t do that. Do not ever do that.

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Flexi Fuck

Flexi Shag

Flexi Fuck

“They call me the human pretzel. I am pliant and it’s definitely plenty of fun when I have sex! I am a astronomical exhibitionist so I like getting in batty sex positions and having someone else view me whilst I screw. There’s too smth hot about me being widen wide open and the stud I am having sex with being able to watch every inch of me. I do not have any shame about my body or sex. I’m open and I just urge to have fun!”

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From Germany With Bra-busters

From Germany With Bazookas

From Germany With Bra-busters

Germany’s Sandra Sturm (“Storm” in German) has been in the adult industry in Europe for 3 years. That babe calls herself a sex storm. Sandra is well-known at German adult expos and appears on TV displays in Berlin.

Sandra knew about SCORE, had seen the mag and wanted to be in it so she made contact, sending in numerous naked pix. “I have greater than standard wobblers and love melons in all variations,” Sandra wrote.

“I used to be a real nurse. I’m a very open-minded and exceedingly curious person who has a craving for life. I have enjoyment the sexy sides of life to the fullest.”

The nursing background is smth other gals have commented about. Sandra does it all. Masturbation, girl-girls, webcams, hardcore porn scenes with bucks. One of her peculiar interests is sloppy deep-throating. “It has to be unfathomable and immodest,” Sandra emphasizes. Her 1st hardcore scene for SCORE is next.

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Warm Front In Canada

Warm Front In Canada

Warm Front In Canada

“Jiggling keeps me warm in the winter!” glad Canadian Smiley Emma said us. “I stay inside when it’s cold out and listen to music, which, afresh, cuz of where I’m from, there aren’t likewise many wonderful radio stations, so I need to listen to my own personal music. I’m a bit of a nerd, so whether it is on the computer, Xbox, even on my iPhone or iPad, I am usually playing a game. That keeps me occupied in the winter. I am a kid at heart, so I adore to have pleasure. No stuffy, boring ram for me. Lots of movie scene games, computer games and flashing and jiggling my milk cans, too.”

Tit-fucking is one sport for every season.

“First of all, those mellons are so larger than average, you do need a fair-sized knob or else you’ll receive lost in the breast valley. I adore to stroke it and tease the head…rubbing it on my nipps and stroking it. I’ve really got a couple of different ways that I can tit-fuck a rod. I love to initiate by fondelling the shlong against my nipps and smacking it against my whoppers a little. Then I’ll acquire it precious and subrigid with my throat. I like to tanalise the head of the rod. Then I’ll stroke the balls during the time that I am engulfing it, just to receive u nice and unbending.

“Then I like to take greasy oil and rub it all over. I use oil ‘cuz you want your meat-thermometer to slide in there nicely so it doesn’t get stuck or anything. Then, when my bra buddies are all oiled up, your meat-thermometer will just slide in fine and effortless. I’ll wank it to make sure it is worthwhile and hard. And even if the wang is actually big, it’ll still be nearly gone when it is between my mellons. Then I love to wank it up and down with my bosoms. I need to say that playing with shlong is one of my prefered things to do. And coz these mellons are so bigger than typical, I can too hang them over your jock and tit-fuck your penis that way. And I like being adept to tanalize the head whilst I’m tit-fucking. I like being skilled to do one as well as the other at the same time. And you can even tit-fuck me below my fun bags, but it’s just not as much pleasure as the other ways.”

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Shining Star

Shining Star

Shining Star

“Me and my big sister Helen are large showoffs!” Erin Star is proud of saying. Erin is a angel who walks softly, talks softly and carries a large magic wand, like the one she is playing with in this scene. Showoffs adore Erin are who we live for.

Erin is breast-blessed. Her left boob is a little larger than her right, which, generally-speaking is how it is in nature. This babe has two coy teats surrounded by very large areolas. Her funbags are very pliable. This babe loves to squeeze and rub ’em while that babe looks into the camera with a very knowing expression, as if to say, “Look at what nature gave me.”

Always smiling, Erin is a fun-lover who looks at the positive side of life. What would this babe have done if this babe hadn’t become a model? We do not even want to think about that.

In a separate bonus clip with slow motion, Erin swings them from side-to-side, a video Helen did also.

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Nubiles - Amelia Pearl

TeeniesAmelia Pearl

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Feb Twenty, 2018


Amelia Pearl is a taut teen who’s captivated with playing with her stiff areolas and firm bosoms. She’s always up for a precious time, from jumping on a trampoline to spreading her hips and showing you just how this babe likes her in nature’s garb shag hole fondled.

Ultimate Jack Shots!

Supreme Jack Shots!

Ultimate Jack Shots!

In our industry, we use terms to describe poses. Some of ’em are common terms that u probably use in your daily life: doggie-style, spread-eagle, etc. But here’s a term u may not know: the jack discharged. That’s when the girl lays on her back, pulls knees up to her head and then spreads her cunt and anal opening wide open.

Lads, Marilyn gives some of the almost any excellent jack shots we’ve ever observed. This babe spreads her bright pink cunt, puts her asshole right in the camera and pokes her big fullsome funbags jointly. U need to see anything this babe is offering.

Let’s know what you think about this supple fuck-doll and her jack shots.

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