Akira Lane – Meet Your New Boss

Meet Your Fresh Boss

Meet Your New Boss

Meet Your Fresh Boss
It is your 1st day on the job and it’s time to meet your fresh boss. She is drop-dead glamorous. Her face is serious. Her tone is firm. Her sexuality oozes off her. Akira Lane isn’t the sort to fuck around, or to tolerate any bullshit from her staff. She commands respect. Can’t you tell these heels will kick your a-hole if u cross her?
Your initial thoughts are probably something akin to, “How did I ever acquire this lucky?” Who wouldn’t wish this smoking hawt femme fatale to boss them around all day long? Akira takes her job seriously. And this babe too knows exactly how to boost morale and keep employees pleased.There’s a reason why Akira always dons nylons, garters, heels and force outfits. “I got weary of men thinking I did not mean business. I am firm, but I’m too a concupiscent floozy at the end of the day. Instead of a bonus, I’d rather shake my melons in your face. For a job indeed well done, you’ll receive a mega hot vagina reveal.”

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