Built For Pleasure

Standing at a mere five feet tall, what Amira Jones lacks in height that babe
makes up for in booty, ass and more wazoo. This Georgia peach is built for
pleasure and this babe doesn’t mind spreading the love around, either. “There
are two things that I do well,” says the saucy Southern Belle. “The
first one is cook and the second one is shag and if u play your cards
right, sugar, I might end up doing the one and the other for you in one day. I am not
ashamed of being a full-figured woman who loves sex. Why should I be? If
you are one of these frigid, sex-fearing bitches, u must keep on
walkin’. I am not built like this just for lookin’, baby. I’m built
like this to lay it down on a ladies man all night and ride his stuff until that fellow
can’t go no bigger amount. And trust me, just cuz I’m a short little thing
with all these curves, do not mean that I’m gonna be out for the
count in one round. I guarantee that u will tap out previous to I do if I
let u tap this here arse.” bootyliciousmag.com RSS Feed