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One day I was at the gym watching the girls as I usually do whilst working out. That specific morning there wasn’t anything truly interesting to view and I was beginning to get bored. Trickling on the treadmill and using the stair climber just indeed bores the hell with out me. I’d rather be lifting weights than trickling my cardio routine. Just as my mind started drifting off thinking about the things I had to do later that day, this big tit hottie walks right past me. I not quite tripped on the treadmill as I observed her walk past and shake that little butt of hers. I’ve at not time viewed this goddess in the Health Club before. I noticed that she walked over to one of the classrooms. Luckily for me there was a water fountain nearby and that gave me the ideal excuse to go have a look.

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I watched as that babe began her stretches. This big tit long legged girl definitely stood out in the classroom. This babe was extremely flexible and as I continued to view her all I could think about was all the fun we could have as I turned her into a human pretzel, screwing the hell without that firm little a-hole of hers. A hardly any times this babe nearly caught me staring at her as I observed her do her exercise routine. Right as her class was beginning to finish, that babe looked at me and winked. This babe caught me. I was busted.

After class, I introduced myself to her. We acceded to have coffee after we the one and the other showered. Needless to say, our sinless little coffee date, pretty soon led to me bringing her home. My dream I had earlier of turning this pliant honey bunny into a human pretzel as I rogered that constricted little gazoo of hers each which way, became a reality that afternoon.

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