Getting Ready For It

Do you know what March means? Think of hawt sandy beaches, college students, late nights, parties, alcohol, beads, etc… okay, so did u receive it yet?


Yep, that’s right.. March means SPRING BREAK!! And we all know what THAT IS SUPPOSED TO MEAN! Sexy sweaty bodies in skimpy bikinis, subdued women who have been working soooo rock hard during the 1st part of the year that they MERIT to go wild on the beach, acquire nekkid and fuck every sexy buck in sight! I love Spring Break, all the desirous high-school students who have been sexually pent up worrying about their studies use it as a ideal excuse to party hard and bonk even harder. This slutty high school honey bunny is used to sinking her teeth into the books, but not for Spring Break, that brings out the cockslut in her! Bring it on! I NORMAN’t even go to college and I can’t await for Spring Break to commence!!

FingerBang Jan

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