Hooter Haze

Hooter Haze

Hooter Haze

Isis Haze came our way in the time-honored tradition of many past SCORE Beauties…through a SCORE Stud. Ricky, a Boob Cruise regular, strolled into lap dance bar Silk Exotic in Wisconsin and immediately saw the monumental pantoons in the place. Natural bumpers, which can be unyielding to detect in clubs.

After numerous trips at sea with the SCORE employees and some of the hottest big busted legends in the world, Ricky was well trained to fearlessly approach Isis, introduce himself and tell her why that babe belongs in SCORE magazine.

Isis acquiesced to pose for several nude “doctor” images for our studio workers and Ricky sent ’em to the office. A hardly any days later, Isis was booked on a flight to Florida and Ricky earned a finder’s fee.

Isis is a full-time dancer, has traveled to many exotic dancing clubs around the THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, enters and wins many national exotic dancer contests and spends her free time watching videos, clubbing, drooping out with her friends and shooting pool.

When this babe leaves the abode during good weather, that babe usually wears constricted shorts, T-shirts or tank-tops with no beneath garment and high heels.

“I wear a bra when I visit family or go someplace dressy,” says Isis. “I don’t wear one at home. I am not a greater than typical brassiere gal.”

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