Lavina Dream – Living Room Dream

Living Room Dream

Living Room Dream

Here’s an XL Gal who is every inch a living dream. Lavina Fantasy became the walking wet dream for many since she was found for XL Angels. This photo discharge (and its movie version) was shot in a swanky villa on the coast of the Dominican Republic–one of two villas we secured for a series of discharges in Puerto Plata’s Altos de Cofresi.

Here Lavina cums afresh in her taut sweater and tighter jeans. We like her hot big love bubbles and her bulky ass.

“The more I see Lavina the more I fall in like with her!” wrote Roberto. “She is simply the consummate plump gal! I will by no means get fatigued to say how damn hot that babe is!”

Lavina and petticoat chaser Romanian Roxanne Miller became bosom buddies upon arrival. They got down together in “Student Bodies” and showed their fun loving side in “Battle of the Fun bags.” When the girls weren’t busy on-camera, they sunned, relaxed, had grand meals and explored the scenic areas around the villas. It wasn’t just a photo shoot, it was a vacation while their home country was in the icy clutch of winter. Wonderful!

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