Patty Michova – Pole Dancing Fantasy Girl

Pole Stripping Fantasy Goddess

Pole Exotic dancing Fantasy Girl

A fine, quiet afternoon at his favourite lap dancing club watering gap was what this man wanted. The place was empty except for a fresh girl he’d never seen before. She said her name was Patty Michova and she had just started stripping.

Patty wanted to be a glamour model and she had already posed for SCORE mag. That babe was anxiously contemplating that issue. The thought of being watched in an international men’s magazine sold around the world made her tremble with excitement.

The bartender served Neeo his drink and told him this guy had to go next door for something. “Keep an eye on the place for a miniature in number minutes,” he asked him. Neeo was more interested in keeping an eye on Patty. That babe had all the right moves.

Patty studied Neeo’s face as she danced in front of him. No greenhorn at strip-dancing, that babe was getting off at the thought of stripping for him in an empty exotic dancing club. They’d have the complete place to themselves until the barman returned, whenever that would be. Maybe they could squeeze in a sexy pole ride. Lap dancing for lads who wanted to copulate her got her sexy.

Patty showed him the tricks this babe could do on stage with the smooth metallic pole. Neeo wanted to unveil his appreciation by giving Patty some other pole to ride. To suck. To shag. To lick. After all, that babe does crave to become a illustrious porno star. There is no time love the present to acquire some rigid practice in.

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