Scarlet LaVey – Curvaceous And Flirtatious

Curvaceous And Flirty

Curvaceous And Flirtatious

Scarlet LaVey’s body, body art and goth girl style is similar to Dors Feline’s look. Scarlet discovered us. But it took time for Scarlet to make contact. Eventually, that babe did. More awesome late than at no time, or not at all, sez us.

“I saw the web page about a year agone and then my friend told me to come and check u bucks out.” That’s our ally likewise, now.

Like most Voluptuous girls, Scarlet has a hard time finding hawt garments and bras that fit her.

“All the time. Especially bras and tops that are at regular stores. If I try and buy a bra at a store that doesn’t specialize in them, they are very unflattering and not cute. It’s indeed hard to identify bras in bigger in size sizes that are gorgeous and flatter my figure. I’m trying to detect something that is hot and they are all likewise slight for me to fit in. I wear a lot of dark bras and I try to detect dark-skinned colors like purple, navy and brown. I usually shop online. I buy tons of original ram that nobody else has. I would say I wear lots of gothic ram. I love to call it gothic pinup. It’s very goth and very hawt. I unveil off my body.”

You have viewed Scarlett’s horned-out videos with men. What about getting down with vixens?

“I am into hotty’s and I have been with numerous hotty’s in my lifetime. I like beauties who look love me and are gothic or have a truly interesting sense of style. I’m attracted to assertive vixens, also. I love big breasted angels ‘cuz I adore to feel like we are on the same level, body-wise at least.”

What effect does that babe have on bucks?

“A lot of boyz are either shy or intimidated, so they just kind of hang back. I get a kick without watching ’em watch me and try to work out how to approach me. I identify it ravishing.”

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