Short ‘n’ Stacked Japanese Idol Has Gigantic Tits

Short ‘n’ Stacked Japanese Idol Has Immense Bumpers

Short 'n' Stacked Japanese Idol Has Gigantic Tits

“A buck told to me ‘I adore your bosoms! They’re larger than Skytree!’ Skytree is the immense building in Japan,” P-Chan said us. He certainly had a way with words.

Everyone likes P-Chan, the short ‘n’ stacked, cuddly little bra-buster with a pixie smile and a twinkle in her eyes whom we photographed in Tokyo.

“I’m mostly a passive hotty unless I have some drinks and acquire actually slutty. I am not sure if this is a fetish but I like males with lengthy fingers. My ideal date would be to eat great food, go for a walk and talk, then finish the night doing karaoke.” We’d hope there’d be some time for motorboating and tit-fucking also.

P-Chan told her peculiar talent is being accomplished to “hide many objects under my scoops.” That’s the kind of specific skills we love to film.

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Your Euro Granny Slut

Your Euro Granny Bitch

Your Euro Granny Slut

We can always rely on the Czechia to deliver sexy, lewd honey bunnys, and Valerie is no exception. This skinny fuck doll is a divorcee, Mamma and grandmother. “I don’t mind being called a grandmother,” she said through a translator. “Just coz I am a grandmother doesn’t mean I can’t be hawt. It is all about your state of mind, and my mind is still young.

“I like to swing. I relish the parties they have in Prague. They are worthwhile places to meet juvenile, good-looking chaps, which I adore. I also like to have trios with some other petticoat chaser and female.” Valerie doesn’t have any specific fetishes. She’s just lustful and loves to screw.

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Cum-loving Naughty Alysha gets two loads

Cum-loving Nasty Alysha gets two loads

Cum-loving Nasty Alysha acquires 2 loads

Big-titted golden-haired Wicked Alysha Morgan, who’s married with kids, says that “the slit is an remarkable muscle.”

She is been proving that for years, ever since she came to us when that babe was Thirty one and fucked her spouse on-camera. She’s done a lot more than that since then: filled her bawdy cleft and anal opening with gigantic toys, banged hung males, fucked not-so-hung men, screwed whole strangers, sitting on the dashboard of an SUV driving down a Florida highway and banged her cum-hole in broad daylight

Alysha did 3 screw scenes for us, including this one with Sergio and Juan. They screw her slit and anal opening and cum all over her gorgeous face. She is is the all-American golden-haired who doesn’t do all-American things. That babe has DD-cup love muffins and her hot box is always bald bald. Has fucking tons of guys over the years negatively affected Alysha’s marriage? Nope! She’s happily married to the man this babe banged at TSG way back when. In fact, that fellow films almost all of her scenes for her personal web site.

“I like larger than standard, dark schlongs, but I love greater than typical, white knobs, likewise, and all sizes of dicks,” Alysha said. “If it is inflexible and can satisfy my cum-hole, I’m precious with it. And I adore cum!”

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Black Hunter, Pale Redhead

Darksome Hunter, Pale Redhead

Black Hunter, Pale Redhead

Ivory-skinned, redheaded playgirl Sonja Haze reaches out and acquires a clutch on Asante’s knickers to feel the inflexible chocolate bar within. That babe is looking to remove the wrapper as in a short time as possible.

It’s always precious at XL Girls to match up total strangers and watch how quickly they become fast, fast allies in each way.

“I can not await to receive that in my throat,” murmurs Sonja while Asante cops a feel of Sonja’s jugs through her corset. They look willing to spill over adore an overfilled lake. Sonja rotates her waist so that her twin bumpers shake a bit. They’ll be shaking and jiggling a lot more when Asante slides his bone throughout her boob valley.

“Want to suck on these bigger in size than standard rogering bazookas?” Sonja asks, rhetorically. It’s facile to remember that Sonja has one of the dirtiest throats of any model at XL Angels. That babe may have the dirtiest. There’s nothing adore a hotty who can get as down and as verbally dirty as a excited male perv.

Asante grooves on Sonja’s chest for a bit. “I’ll be your filthy little screwing bimbo tonight,” says Sonja. “We can play that game, u immodest little nasty slut,” replied Asante, energized by Sonja’s teasing style. Sonja is proud of her larger than average, round a-hole and sticks it out so Asante can spank her well-padded gazoo cheeks.

“See how moist u make that bawdy cleft?” moaned a bent-over Sonja. No one is more willing for the darksome meat-axe to be shoved in her mouth and pussy-hole than this cum-sucking piece of booty.

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Sammie’s Island Hideaway

Sammie’s Island Hideaway

Sammie's Island Hideaway

So many photos, one as well as the other pictorials and candids, were shot during Boob Cruise 1998 that it was impossible to publish ’em all in the particular Boob Cruise ’98 double issue (November 1998 cover date).

This series of Sammie on the beach not at all made it into that edition. A selection was later published four years later in a SCORE spin-off mag called Mamazon (SCORE Particular #71). If anyone could be called a “Mamazon” (implying huge-breasted naturals), Sammie was the one.

Sammie was an anatomical wonder. Given the size and weight of her mangos, one would think that she would be thick all over but in fact, that babe was slim-waisted and had buxom legs with petite calves and ankles. The merely large part of her body were her bazookas. That babe is one of the early members of the “20 Club,” meaning that her boob measurement is Twenty inches or more greater than her waist. In Sammie’s case, the difference was Twenty two inches.

Sammie’s time as a adult model was very short. No one has heard from her since she retired but this is very common. Once a adult model stops posing, she seems to cut all ties with her past activities and keeps to a intimate life.

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Hot Kitty, Huge Titty

Hot Kitty, Giant Titty

Hot Kitty, Humongous Titty

XLGirls: Hello Kitty, what are your hobbies? What do u do in your spare time?

Kitty: I’m a very geeky person in my spare time, I like PC movie scene games love League of Legends and World of Warcraft. And I like to cook!

XLGirls: What do u desire to try in life that u haven’t done yet?

Kitty: I would like to pack up an RV and do a cross country travel and see all of the different things this country has to offer.

XLGirls: What style of bras do u buy? Do you need a undergarment fitting or can u buy bras off the rack?

Kitty: I adore T-shirt bras. They are so comfortable. I generally buy off the rack just cuz I’d rather compromise on size than go on a lengthy trip to find a undergarment that really fits.

XLGirls: Do u have sex with other angels? Tell us about it.

Kitty: Over the years I have had a hardly any sexual encounters with other females, and I love it. Hotty’s tend to know better exactly what places to go to acquire the topmost orgasms!

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Annie Swanson & Lilith’s Nurse Threesome

Annie Swanson & Lilith’s Nurse Three-some

Annie Swanson & Lilith's Nurse Threesome

Annie Swanson takes a job as a nurse and finds that healing the sick and tending to their needs, such as laundry their knobs and balls, performing prostate exams, giving ’em enemas and jerking out ball cream samples, brings her great satisfaction, especially if the patient is well enough to keep his strapon unyielding.

Annie has a peculiar day ‘cuz this special patient with a head trauma doesn’t actually need a functioning brain to give her a wonderful copulate. The excitement level goes throughout the roof when mate V-Girl Lilith, some other well-rounded nurse also in search of ball cream samples, teams up with Annie for a fine three-way operation. In fact, the patient’s testosterone levels are high enough to service one as well as the other of these huge-titted, sweet-smelling delights.

This is every male patient’s hospital fantasy. We’ve set up many big boobed threesomes over the years and this Annie Swanson-Lilith sex party ranks as one of the hottest and horniest. Just some other day at Hooter Hospital. The patients are barmy to get in. With nurses adore Annie Swanson and Lilith, who needs to recover?

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Soft Curves For Hard Men

Squishy Curves For Rock hard Males

Soft Curves For Hard Men

There’s solely one Micky Bells. That babe was blessed in the genetic lottery.

“I go on a slight in number dates to make sure in advance of I go all the way. I prefer to wait. I suppose it’s better when u await. I like a stud to kiss me all over my body. I desire him to make me feel love a queen. I also adore it when a gent tastes my cum-hole. That’s the utmost feeling. That’s what makes me climax the fastest. Sometimes, it’s not the actual sex, but the foreplay and the touching in advance of it that makes me feel admirable.

“I titty-fuck the bucks in my life. I guess that all it takes is about ten minutes, maximum, and then a smooth operator will cum. I can make a gent cum very fast with just my love melons. I don’t mind. Sometimes they cannot aid it. And sometimes, they urge to watch their cum on my milk shakes. I let ’em make a decision.”

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Marina Grey’s Magic Mirror

Marina Grey’s Magic Mirror

Marina Grey's Magic Mirror

Voluptuously shapely Marina Grey examines herself in the mirror, checking her makeup, checking out how her belly-baring top looks and how her boobs look in her beneath garment.

“I wear attractive clothes so people can see my gracious milk shakes,” Marina said. “I acquire plenty of attention. I watch no reason to hide my body.”

Marina gets so absorbed with her hooters that this babe begins playing with them. Her gracious raiment come off in front of the mirror, and previous to long, Marina is on the couch caressing one out, then this babe moves to the top of the dresser.

“At 1st, I was nervous. Nervous before my trip and nervous on the first day. I often laugh and snicker when I’m nervous. The photographer told to just be myself and that was priceless advice. My nervousness went away and I learned about modeling and how it all works. I had by no means masturbated in front of people in advance of and that was a fresh experience.”

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Best Ass-Fucked MILFs

Topmost Ass-Fucked MILFS

Best Ass-Fucked MILFs

And now for something a little different, a break from our usual routine: Our hottest anal SEXY HOUSEWIVES in their hottest scenes. There is no setup here. No foreplay. Just 40something babes getting their booties filled with mammoth porn knobs. Today, fotos. Wednesday, the episode with non-stop action.

The MILFs:

Raquel Sieb, a 46-year-old golden-haired with a curvacious ass. Raquel says things love “Stick that bigger than run of the mill strapon in my a-hole.” Her two passions are shopping and rogering, and when she’s shopping, that babe is usually looking for the kind of hot outfit that will make her a more-attractive shag whore. Here, this babe takes JMac’s larger than average jock up her wazoo.

Next is Isabella Loren, a 45-year-old Latin babe hottie from Miami, Florida who discharged for nobody but us. She did two scenes and got ass-fucked in both. That babe has that super-slutty look that so many of us adore. She’s skinny and wanton.

“My body is very little, so lads are always afraid they’re gonna break me in half if they copulate me likewise rock hard,” Isabella told. “And then when it is time for anal, they always think they get to be gentle. Not with me, they do not! When it’s time for anal, my wazoo is always juicy and luscious, so you can pound it. Stick your pecker in my rectal hole and work it! Slap my wazoo and screw me until my booty is sore. I adore it, baby!”

Ruby Thompson is a 40-year-old divorcee from Atlanta, Georgia who told us, “I like to touch myself during the time that thinking about a hard 10-Pounder in my mouth or my hot cum-hole. I’ve masturbated at work and in tanning beds, but that merely gets me willing for the nighttime. I try to shag at least 10 times a week, more if I can.”

Semmie deSoura is a 48-year-old personal tutor who’s super-flexible and fit (in one of her scenes at, that babe sucks rod whilst doing push-ups).

And Nastaya Simmons is a 41-year-old housewife from Russian Federation whose boyfriend granted her permission to come here and acquire ass-fucked by strangers.

Keep the Kleenex handy, gentlemen. You’re plan to acquire to clean up after this one!

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