Pleasures of a Hot Lady

Pleasures of a Hot Female

Pleasures of a Hot Lady

When Nila Mason enters the room where Max is sitting, the first thing that petticoat chaser thinks of is having sex with her. He is just love us. Nila’s low-cut blouse is ready to explode from the pressure of her immense milk cans. Max’s 1st instinct is to bury his head in Nila’s cleavage. This woman chaser is boob drunk and in no condition to drive.

Nila sits on the sofa next to him where that dude can keep his hands on her mountainous mamas, rubbing and jiggling ’em. Nila is definitely a dominatrix to be worshiped. This babe is down to her pink briefs very quickly and nutty to take his unbending jock in mouth. 2 can play the worship ritual.

Nila lazily licks and sucks the bloated shaft, then builds up speed. That babe steals glances at the digital camera whilst her pink tongue flicks in and out. Nila will likewise view the digi camera when they bonk. That babe reiterates the speeding up and slowing down of her oral enjoyment expertise, knowing when to ease up and when to suck faster.

Cupping her enormous melons in her hands, this babe holds them up so this man can tit-fuck her. Max pumps her velvety, bulky bosoms subrigid and fast. That lady-killer turns Nila around, takes her high heels off and places one of her legs on the arm of the couch so he can bone her doggy style standing up and give her the super-sex a woman like her richly merits.

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Ashton Blake gets DP’d

Ashton Blake acquires DP’d

Ashton Blake receives DP'd

Ashton Blake, who’s Fourty five years old, married and from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, isn’t the kind of lady to make a-hole calls. That babe makes double a-hole calls. Or, in this case, double a-hole texts. That babe texts Johnny and Tyler and tells them she urges two boyz at the same time. They do not hesitate. They’re there.

When they arrive, Ashton is wearing a short, curve-hugging, animal-print suit that shows off her large milk shakes and curvy booty. Not one to waste time, that babe sits between them and goes right for their crotches.

“I need some youthful, rock hard wang,” Ashton says as one lad cuddles her juggs and the other fingers her snatch. She takes out their schlongs and strokes ’em. Then she takes out her bra-busters, which have pierced areolas that are willing for engulfing. And since Ashton is fashion-conscious, her cunt jewelry matches her nipple jewelry.

“I do not know which to pick 1st,” Ashton says, so that babe sucks one as well as the other weenies. It is like her head is on a swivel, and she doesn’t only engulf pecker. This babe takes it all the way down her face hole until all u can watch is balls. Then the males take turns on Ashton’s face hole and snatch, and it appears to be adore the harder they copulate, the deeper she sucks.

But, as we know, this is all about the DOUBLE PENETRATION. Ashton wishes two fellows. This babe receives them. So after they take turns banging her a-hole, they DP her in a variety of poses, all of which Ashton enjoys. They have fun it, likewise. You can tell by the loads they shoot all over her ass.

Said Ashton, “I feel almost all comfortable out of my beneath garment, so I tend to wear clothing that can cover my nipple piercings. I refer to that as family friendly. If I am out and partying I dress rather racy. I’m a hoochie.”

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The Anal Office

The Anal Office

The Anal Office

Big boss Tony is constrained this morning. His figures are off. That man calls his secretary Julia Bumpers into his office to take some dictation. Always helpful, stacked Miss Zeppelins comes in and hovers over him. That babe has the right figures, believe us.

Miss Juggs’ full deep cleavage busting without her cardigan calls to him. That dude has Miss Fullsome funbags sit down to write a miniature in number notes but the sight of her boobs gets him even more confused.

Miss Milk shakes asks him if she can assist him with anything this fellow needs. To emphasize her work ethic, she touches his junk. That does it. He reaches out to her, feeling her cushioned jugs.

In beneath a second, he’s done. This fellow buries his face between her fashionable, greater than run of the mill bra buddies and there’s no turning back. He sucks on Miss Juggs’ pointy nipps, fingers her pink cum-hole and drops his trousers so his gorgeous Personal Assistant can suck his wang. That babe gives him the most awesome shlong engulfing of his life, drooling and spitting all over the bone. If Miss Love muffins is not employee of the month, we don’t know who is.

This woman chaser is beyond lucky to have a marvelous chick like this give him the high-reaching gifts of all, her sexy bawdy cleft and her taut rectal hole.

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Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours

Amora Lee in her eye-popping suit, and with out it, is killin’ us. The party Amora was invited to was cancelled but Amora’s still got us to party with.

Excellent Amora told she can slide on a 36K, L and J brassiere.

“I cant remember when I wore a D-cup. Maybe 15, but I was in denial. I was buying bras that probably did not fit right. They were too tiny and the back strap was up my back.

“I remember watching Oprah one day and she had a below garment femdom-goddess on, and the woman was saying smth about bra-fitting, and I realized I had on the incorrect under garment. So I had to go brassiere shopping. I didn’t truly kick off wearing my right-size bra until I was 22. I was snapping bras left and right.”

Amora told she hasn’t watched her clips but that babe did say, “Modeling has made me more comfortable in my own skin.” That babe is taken very smoothly to being photographed and making very hawt moves.

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Mya Struts Her Sweet Stuff

Mya Struts Her Pleasant Ram

Mya Struts Her Lovely Stuff

“My sexual fantasies are being observed,” Mya Blair told. “Using a strap-on on a female-dominant. Office sex. I urge to do a lot of erotic things. I am sure I’ll receive around to doing almost any of them eventually.”

Mya has a lusty sense of humor.

“I giggle the hardest from bawdy jokes, puns and twisted humor, like Cards Against Humanity. Being wicked in public, teasing and impure talking make me very lustful for the fun that comes later.”

If Mya could, she would…”I would go to a cabin in the woods with a breath taking view and just have sex and nap the complete stay.”

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Busty Back Seat Driver

Big boobed Back Seat Driver

Busty Back Seat Driver

This raw clip of Coree Monroe is weird for 2 reasons. The first is that a SCORE glamour model is shown driving. The second is Coree masturbating with a marital-device in the backseat of a convertible.

Shot in high desert country in California, Coree drives on a local road and pulls over in a quiet area. Our cameraman has her walk a dunky in number yards away from the road to take her scones out. Her masturbation starts after they arrive at their location.

“She’s not even old sufficient to buy a swallow,” SCORE‘s editor wrote about Coree in her first appearance layout in the June 1996 edition. At the time, Coree was Twenty years aged and a house dancer at the Deja Vu exotic dancing club in Nashville, Tennessee. She’d started lap dancing topless in March, 1995 at a place called Zonkers in Daytona Beach, Florida during a vacation and liked the action so this babe started dancing in Nashville when that babe got home.

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Angela’s first on-camera cock

Angela’s first on-camera ding-dong

Angela's 1st on-camera cock

Angela was nervous, sexually excited, expectant and tingling with erotic want when this babe did her 1st tug job scene in St. Maarten in 2011. It was a warmup for her 1st all-the-way XXX scene.

We asked Angela, “What is it about tit-fucking that turns u on?”

Her response: “There’s not one thing about it. I just love being in control of a man’s pleasure. I love the feel of his dick betwixt my pointer sisters. It just gets me off. I just love it.”

Angela checks out SCORE and V-mag regularly, logs into SCORELAND and watches our DVDs. For the past eight years, Angela’s studied, been inspired by, and gotten off to the sight of her fella SCORE Beauties jacking off their partners. Now it is her turn. And where does that babe urge the man to cum?

“On my breasts,” she told. “All over them.”

Mission experienced. Although it has the appearance of that babe got some on her face, too. No complaints.

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Naked in the Sun

Bare in the Sun

 In nature's garb in the Sun

Cosmia had a valuable time doing her swimsuit discharge at poolside. We did not urge her pale, white skin getting burned from likewise much sun.

“I like to feel sexually wanted,” juvenile and fat Cosmia told. “I adore to get a fellow going and then satisfy him absolutely. I like to know I’m doing the utmost possible. I am competent and I adore to expose that off. I adore to know that my fotos and movies turn a lad on and make him desire to cum.”

Baby-faced Cosmia has an sinless look but look out! She has a big appetite for sex and a lot of it.

“Another of my top carnal experiences was all the outdoor sex I have had. I once had sex in a playground in broad daylight. Some other time in a gazebo with a 20-something lady-killer I was fucking at the time.”

Cosmia’s 1st XXX scene was at XL Angels.

“I enjoyed getting drilled by Johnny. He has a indeed greater than run of the mill wang and it felt nice banging my snatch hard. I got almost any of it all the way down my mouth and this chab liked it when I sucked his testicles. His cum tasted valuable. I suppose it’s obvious by my expression how much I liked our scene.”

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Sweaty Slit

Sweaty Cunt

Sweaty Slit

Ava is clothed up in a petite workout outfit that looks more adore underclothing than strapping apparel. This babe keeps her body slender and constricted by working out, but this day she’s not feeling it. She’d rather give her wet crack a workout. First this babe warms it up by opening and closing her legs and stroking her wet crack. One time her adore button is palpitating and her meaty lips are sticky with her angel jizz, she goes to town finger-banging her little hole. Maybe that babe is thinking about screwing her tutor or mouthing rod in the Health Exotic dancing club sauna. But one thing is for sure, you’ll work up a sweat jacking to this slight redhead.

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India Summer & Kira Noir

India Summer & Kira Noir India Summer & Kira Noir
India Summer & Kira Noir @
Kira Noir is embarrassed. Actually confused. She loves her spouse and all, but recently she’s been having a unyielding time keeping her mind off cuties. This babe sees ’em everywhere: in the locker room in her community college; staring at them in her local coffeeshop; and, of course, checking ’em out in class. It might be time to share this with her therapist, Dr. India Summer. Kira has been seeing Dr. Summer for a few years now, so she’s totally comfortable telling Dr. Summer all her secrets. Except one, maybe…for a during the time that Kira’s been thinking about Dr. Summer. In ways most would consider "inappropriate". However, Dr. Summer doesn’t think it is inappropriate; in fact, Dr. Summer is plan to respond by doing something not quite all of us think is inappropriate. Dr. Summer is intend to seduce a woman half her age! Right on her therapist’s daybed!! "Is it okay to admit I am nervous being with a lady who’s twice my age?" Kira asks, right previous to running her tongue up India’s fascinating cunt? This is one sexy therapy session, ending in an explosive, simultaneous climax! Oh…and Kira booking an appointment for next week!
India Summer & Kira Noir India Summer & Kira Noir

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