Shannon’s Poolside Bust-out

Shannon’s Pool side Bust-out

Shannon's Swimming pool side Bust-out

It is extreme, hawt swimsuits for Shannon Blue in a swimming pool side bust-out. That babe is brought a selection of monokinis that look adore they require a license to wear in public.

Thonging blonde MILF Shannon’s living her big-boobed dreams. That babe quit her boring job to bust without the normal, bought a house in the Bulgarian countryside with her fiance and glamour models when this babe urges to.

“I mostly wear bikinis when I go to a pool or beach,” Shannon told. “I think I’ve Thirty bikinis of different shapes and sizes, but I rarely wear a bathing costume. I do swim but I am not very good. I can do a breast-stroke but I do not go very fast.” Shannon laughed after saying that. “People always say to me, ‘You’ve got your waterwings, you’ve got your floats already.”

Shannon’s philosophy when it comes to buying garments is, “If it’s constricted, it is right.” That babe buys stretchy tops and dresses, constricted jeans and sexy shoes. She does it for herself. The attention she receives is a dividend and she gets a lot of it.

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