Slutty & Proud

Randy & Proud

Slutty & Proud

Moretta, you look adore such a wonderful beauty with those braces and those cotton panties.
“Well, I’m not. When I go out I like to dress like a wench so people know I’m down to screw. I wear white t-shirts with no undergarment so lads can see my little areolas poking out. And I’ll wear the shortest skirts I can get away with, along with floozy heels.”

Such a excited LEONARD probably has some perverted stories to tell us, right?
“Sure! Once I had sex in a glass elevator at a teach station. It was kind of late and there weren’t also many people around, so I figured it wouldn’t be that larger than average of a deal if we got caught. The place wasn’t totally empty though. I know for sure this aged guy saw my husband doing me doggie-style in there, ’cause I saw him staring, and then this chab gave us a thumbs up.”

What other things are you into?
“I love it when lads cum on my braces. Might as well put ’em to fine use whilst I’ve Them! I likewise like dudes with bigger than standard jocks who take control. I like feeling dominated. I love masturbating every day in the shower. And I adore rogering babes with double-headed dildos.”

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