That’s Amora

That is Amora

That's Amora

Amora Lee works in a nursing home and is studying to become a registered nurse. She is by no means modeled before and had not at all taken a exposed picture prior to contacting SCORELAND. That’s all the more awesome because Amora is so relaxed, interactive and comfortable with a SCORE photographer filming her playing with her fantastic 36K-cup naturals and her “lunch box,” to use Amora’s expression, that anyone would think that babe is been modeling for at least a scarcely any months.

Amora began to develop in her mid-teens. “I tell people I am a 36K, which depends on the brassiere. Lots of people do not realize that different bras are different sizes. You can range from a 36K to a 36L to 36J, and I think I’m right in that range, so I can do 36K, L and J, depending on the undergarment.”

Amora did say that babe was nervous before and during her 1st discharge.

“Because I was always taught that this was so not correct,” Amora said. “Like, you cant expose your body. U receive to always be covered up, so all my life, that’s all I knew. But when you’re big-breasted adore I am naturally, u can’t really hide it. I endevoured hiding it, and I just can’t.”

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