Tysen Rich – Your Flat Fantasy

Your Flat Fantasy

Your Flat Fantasy

This flattie is a high-energy sweetheart who takes control!

Tysen used to run lengthy distance track (six miles a day) and always did well in school, taking college-level classes early in her senior year. She brings this same kind of energy and enthusiasm to her sex life. “I’m lustful about 99.9 percent of the time so I’ve sex charming often. And I am assertive. I’m like, ‘Hey! Shag me!’ I likewise masturbate each day!”

Tell us a joy sex story, Tysen.

“I got caught having sex in public one time. It was in the front lawn of some party and a immense group of people walked by and saw us. I ran inside the abode a-hole stripped! It was embarrassing, but it was nice-looking laughable, too. If anything, it makes for a wonderful story to tell people!”

What are your sexual dreams?

“Orgies! Every time I fantasize about sex there’s plenty of cum, big ramrods and love melons. Ideally there would be several maturer chaps too ‘cuz I am indeed into ’em. And girls so I could lick whip semen off their wet cracks.”

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