Ninel Garcia – Her Favorite Things

Her Favorite Things

Her Prefered Things

In plenty of ways, Ninel Garcia is a archetypical sweet heart. This babe likes to receive herself dolled up for a night out of stripping.

“If I could, I would go stripping all night,” Ninel said. “It’s my favourite thing. No, it is my second-favorite thing.”

What makes Ninel getting dressed up for a night of lap dancing even more exciting is the thing that separates her from a archetypal angel. This saucy Miami Latin chick has the type of ‘donk that is made to beat with the most nice-looking in the city’s hottest exotic dancing clubs. These stripping skills are charming useful when it comes to her favourite thing.

“My prefered thing is to have sex,” Ninel said. “I adore to dance and I adore to have lots of sex.”

With our Lothario Donnie Blasthoe’s palpitating meat-thermometer in front of her, Ninel has a chance to do both right now.

After giving our boy a sloppy deep throat, Ninel hops on top of him. Ninel gyrates on Donnie’s 10-Pounder adore her prefered reggaeton song just came blaring on at her favourite nightclub. Her moans grow louder every time that babe hops and drops her slit onto his penis.

That’s just the 1st dance, though. Donnie lays Ninel down and stuffs his wang inside of her yummy, tanned can.

“Aye, papi!” that babe screams as Donnie slides his jock in and with out her. “Que lindo!”

Donnie’s knob is being more than nice to Ninel right now. Though that babe did not mention it, I think we can assume having her a-hole glazed with gent batter is Ninel’s third prefered thing.

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