Sadie Kennedy – Copper Top Cutie

Copper Top Goddess

Copper Top Cutie

Sadie is a valuable hotty with a wild side.
That babe considers her almost all enjoyment job being a nanny, and this babe loves crafting. This babe plays the harp and receives bendy with yoga. “But I too like being tied up and fucked senseless!” this babe said us. “I’m also into three-ways. I had one one time out side on the hood of a bright orange Chevelle. We had to be careful not to dent it!”

Would your allies be surprised that you have such a wicked side?
“Not truly. Majority of ’em know that I’m bi erotic and wild. It is just that I relish doing facile things, like stargazing and plan to a diner for a slice of pie. But I also love being a doxy! I don’t see why I cant be the one and the other at the same time. I even said a scarcely any friends that I was posing for your magazine, and they were adore, ‘We absolutely saw that coming.’ And of course now everybody knows!”

Are you getting more attention now that you’re gonna be in our mag?
“Well I never really had a problem getting attention from lads or angels, but maybe I’m getting a little more attention now. My sex life has been indeed good. And I think it is plan to receive even more astonishing once I commence screwing on-camera for everybody to see!”

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