Saphire – Sock It To Her

Sock It To Her

Sock It To Her

These socks are beautiful wild, but Saphire has admirable reasons for wearing them.

“Guys love knee-high and thigh-high socks, so I always try to wear ’em when I go out. I notice that I acquire checked out way more when I suit adore that. I think it’s ’cause socks bring guys’ attention to your thighs, and well, you know where their thoughts go from there. Exactly where I wish them to…to sex!”

She’s a sock-clad seductress!

“I think nothing screams ‘open for business’ quite love a couple of bright socks. That is why I wear those red striped ones. They actually stand out. And yeah, my legs are open for business. And that business more good be a bigger in size than run of the mill, rock hard knob that’s willing to shag!”

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