Yazmina Melendez – She Guides You to Her Feet

This babe Guides U to Her Feet

She Guides U to Her Feet

Yazmina is tough. Everyone at school knows this babe is the meanest guidance counselor they’ve ever had. So why did upperclassman James have such a large smile on his face when this chab left her office? Maybe ‘cuz Yazmina propositioned the youthful buck by shoving her pantyhose-covered foot in his throat! She may be tough, but she’s lustful as hell and wishes her toes sucked and cum-hole rogered! Once her peds have been kissed and cradled, this Lothario pulls her onto her desk and rips her dark-skinned nylons open at the gusset, giving him open access to take up with the tongue her leaking juicy slit. Though she is enjoying herself, she’s not plan to give the delinquent James a free pass to her twat. That guy is plan to need to earn it. That babe calls him a little shit and demands that stud shag her soles because that is a sure-fire way to warm up a ped-loving female. When she cant stand her smoldering fur pie being empty for another second, she lets him fuck her all over her office. Then that smooth operator uses her ripped hosiery as a ball gag, stuffing the entire thing in her face hole as he stands above and rains cum down onto her waiting face. Smth tells us that charmer is gonna pass all his classes this year.

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